We were LA Times subscribers until early 2012 they changed their policy of no vacation stop credit. They offered $26 for 52 weeks Sunday only paper wanting us to stay with subscription, we declined it.

On 11/28/2012, I got a call from an agent, Joseph #293 (he called himself as) and was offered $1 per week for Sunday paper for 8 weeks. He promised AGAIN that when we placed a vacation stop, LA Times would honor that and would extend the time period. In addition, he offered $10 gift card which would be 4-6 weeks for the delivery.

I told Joseph that LA Times did not have the policy that allow the extend period for vacation stop any more and we have a plan out of town for Christmas for two weeks; however, Joseph insisted that since LA Times has lost many subscribers because of that policy so that policy was changed. He requested that we should give LA Times a try again.

Since we are retired seniors and we travel quite a lot, and Joseph insisted that LA Times would honor the vacation stop and extend the period while we were on vacation, we agreed to TRY AGAIN to re-subscribe the LA Times Sunday only paper.

After we talked to Joseph, he transferred the phone to his supervisor to verify again the terms - (1) LA Times would extend the period while we are on vacation. (2) $10 gift card would be mailed to our house. (3) $1 a week Sunday only paper for 8 weeks.

I immediately also have requested a vacation stop with Joseph for our leave on late December and he said we could call 1800-88-times, it would be no problem. On the same day, my credit card was charged $8 for 8 weeks Sunday only papers.

On 12/14/2012, 2:55 p.m. I called LA Times for the vacation stop, the agent, Clarence #Z4261, stated that LA Times has NO policy for vacation stop extension. After several argument, I asked for the refund for the papers haven't delivered, then he said he would do us a favor to allow us to extend for 2-week vacation stop for cover the 12/23 and 12/30 papers.

In addition, up to today Feb 17, I still haven't received the $10 gift card. On 1/25/2013, I e-mailed to Los Angeles Times asking about the gift card, and the agent Z42604 said it was still being investigated.

On 2/11, while I was waiting for my $10 gift card to arrive, I got a credit card company statement showing that LA Times charged me another $8. Immediately I filed the dispute with my credit card company for that charge.

Same day, I e-mailed Z42604 again explaining that I didn’t want to re-subscribe their paper because the vacation stop credit is no longer available. Again, I was offered 2 weeks credit which extended the paid through date to 04/20/13. Now I understand LA Times has automatic renewed the subscription without my consent.

Knowing that I am not interested to renew the subscription, Z42604 told me that they would only refund $7.15 because they have delivered the Feb 10 papers.

This is not acceptable to us because the newspaper was delivered without our consent and the paper was still in the plastic newspaper bag.

We are now talking about the 85 cents difference. However, I should not be billed for the newspaper I did not ask for and I have asked them to take it back.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Location: Diamond Bar, California

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